Hello! My name is Helena Garrett and I am the owner and operator of The Lash Fairy Lounge and Fairytale Lashes. After years of being in the beauty industry and seeing the lash community grow more than EVER. I wanted to offer more education to our community and to clients as well. Lashes are becoming so popular now a days and sometimes its hard to find the right lash artist for YOU!

Here are some things your lash artist should be doing to get you the best results, retention, and to give you the best experience with lashes!

Having the best retention:

After working in the industry, the easiest step to start with to have the best retention is cleaning your lashes! Your lashes are just like hair and it needs to be cleaned and taken care of. Your lash artist should be cleaning your lashes before she or he starts applying lashes. Working on a clean canvas will not only help the adhesive bond better with the lashes but also helps keep your lashes healthy. As a client you should be washing your lashes everyday with a lash shampoo made for lashes. This will help the longevity of your lash extensions and can make you go farther with fills.

Licensing & Education:

Your lash artist should always be able to show you where they got their education from, have certificates up, licensing, building licensing and insurance. This is crucial because if you develop an allergic reaction, hurt your eyes or anything like that you should know that your lash artist is insured and has the education to know how to deal with the situation. I have heard of too many horror stories where lash artist glue contacts to their client’s eye and emergency visits to the hospital are required. This is due to the lack of knowledge an education your artist has.

Picking out the right lash for you:

As a lash artist you should never strain the lashes. Our number one priority is to keep your natural lashes healthy. Wearing lashes over time should never hurt your real lashes. Not all sets look the same on all clients. Using a lash serum, drinking collagen and good after care with your extensions can make them healthier and thicker over time.

GOOD Customer Service:

Booking appointments and communicating with your artist should be easy. Online booking helps with getting last minute appointments in. Your lash artist should be ready for you when you come in, not cancelling last minute, have a clean space, and focusing on YOU! This is your appointment and your artist should give you her/his full attention. We love our clients and respect their time and appointment. Everyone is on a busy schedule and your lash appointment is suppose to be your mini “get-away” from life.

Finding the right lash artist can be tricky and since you are using your hard-working money on a service you should get wonderful lashes and an amazing experience! We are strong believers in loving our clients and doing what we can to give them the best experience (and best lashes) If you are looking for a new lash artist or what to give lashes a try, we have a wonderful team of lash fairies to help you out!

Give us a call at 208-214-7607 or book online at www.vagaro.com/thelashfairylounge


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