Every lash gal has a certain type of style. Short and sweet, dark and edgy, all naturalll… But what lash gal are you? If you are a client looking for the best style to compliment your lifestyle, your face contour, your eye shape, your lash line. You’re in the right place! We are going to be going over the importance of finding an artist who can shape your lash set according to your face frame and style.

Most styles are usually described as classic, hybrid and volume & mega volume.

Many salons and stylists will name them different things but for the most part these are the most common styles. Lets dig a little bit deeper into this. Not all styles fit everyone! The way that we here at The Lash Fairy Lounge describe them is classic lashes are the more natural version in lashes. With this being said, they can also be customized to look full and textured depending on your natural lashes. Classic lashes are applied one by one meaning one extension per each of your natural eyelash. If you have a lot of natural lashes your set may look thicker, if you have less dense lashes your set may look more natural. We are basically extending and adding to what you already have. We can still customize this set with different curls, lengths and thicknesses but we can not add more lashes or create the illusion of more lashes.

Hybrid lashes are the next step up.

They create a denser A.K.A fluffy look to your lashes. As we said before classic lashes are applied one lash per each of your natural lashes. Hybrids are a mix of the classic lashes and the volume lashes. Volume lashes are usually made into fans from 2-8 per each fan, sometimes more. Hybrids give a fluffy look and are usually 50% of classic lashes and 50% of hybrid lashes. Sometimes our artists will do 60% fans and 40% classics depending on the look our client is trying to achieve. This look is for clients who want a more fluffier look or clients who have uneven lashes, gaps, or also less dense lashes.

Volume lashes are a game changer.

They create the illusion of a dense dark lash line and can be customized to look like strip lashes. Volume fans are created to hold 2-8 lashes. This is one of the more extreme, dramatic looks. But, with volumes they are still customizable and can look natural. Please note that volumes should not feel itchy, heavy or pulling. If you are having these issues it may be due to lack of cleaning your lashes or your technician. Ask your lash artist if you are having these issues.

MEGA- Volume lashes are the next new thing!

They are created with very very thin lashes. Then the lashes are fanned together any where from 5-15 lashes all in one tiny fan! This are the closest lash work that mimics strip lashes. Mega Volume lashes can be very dramatic and will take extra cleaning and lash fills are usually longer due to the detail of this set.

Now that you know the Lash 411, what lash gal are you? If you need help deciding you can always reach out to our team of lovely lash artists that will make sure we find the best style and set that not only fits your personality, your lash health and also your lifestyle. See you soon lash babe!

 The Lash Fairies


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