Combo Course (Classic and Volume courses)

Combo Course (Classic and Volume courses)

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Hello Lash Babe!

You want to take on the lash world but would like to take our combo course!

Our combo course is our classic and volume course put together! It is the best of both worlds to learn how to learn the complete artistry to lash extensions.

You will learn the following:

safety and sanitation- Lash health safety, aftercare

Marketing plan/ Business plan- Now you know how to do lashes… now what?

How to build your clientele QUICK (And how to scale after your fully booked)

Marketing management skills- Utilizing social media, building your platform & audience

Photo editting- Free apps to make your lashes look amazing at ANY angle

Studying eye shapes to create the perfect look for your client!

Adhesive & product knowledge: 101

Consent forms & legal aspects: What you need to protect YOUR business

How to get hired: 1099, employee or business owner?

Branding a brand not an Instagram

 Lashes are a great service to add to your spa or salon. Having lash clients helps you have repetitive income. Seeing clients 1-2 times a month lets you be able to take less clients and still make a growing income. Lash wearers usually wear their lashes for months or even for years. Taking our courses here at The Lash Fairy Lounge will help you learn to apply healthy lashes so your clients can wear them or years on end. We also offer small classroom environment 2:1 student ratio, one on one attention so no student falls behind and lunch will be included. You will have two instructors ready to mentor you to become a Lash Fairy!

We provide lifelong support and help students set up their business one step at a time.

And you will also learn:

You will learn to speed fan, learn about the myths behind volume lashes, crystalizing your fans. The difference between Russian volume, and Mega- American Volume. Together we will create a business plan, learn editing and picture taking. (Bringing a camera of your choice) You will complete 2 full set, a removal, demo a fill and learn how to safely apply fans. We will go over 2D to 10D fans using .07’s, .05’s and 0.3’s. Be ready for a very intensive full day of lashing! We will work side by side the entire time. We are excited to be the ones to take you to the next level!

Classic Refresher

Adhesive 101- Finding the sweet spot

Increasing Lash speed

Lets talk curls – diameters, sizes

Building the “perfect” fan- 4 different methods

Fixing/ trouble shooting lash work

Lap mapping vs Crystalizing your bases

Volume vs Texturing

Premade vs Promade

Wrapping your lash bases- What to do & what not to do

Russian techiques vs American Mega

Finding the perfect products



– Online support group

(FREE One month group coaching in Fairytale Lash Society)

– Job opportunities at The Lash Fairy Lounge and local salon & spas in the area

 10% off all Fairytale Lash products for LIFE

– Discounts on future classes including our ONLINE COURSES  & IN PERSON COURSES

– Invitations to events and yearly lash meet up’s 


Kit – value ($500):

– Fairytale Lash Academy manual (2x)

– Marketing guide included (Homework & free pdf’s)

– 8 lash trays – Fairytale Lashes

– 1 Fairytale Lash Shampoo

– 2 Fairytale Crystal Clear Adhesive Dry time (1-2 seconds)

– 25 eyepads

– Hand sanitizer

– A two sets of tweezers – isolating and precision, boot tweezer

– Practice sheets for styling the eye

– Microfiber brushes

– Rechargeable fan

– Nano mister (rechargeable)

– 15 alcohol wipes

– Remover

– Lash tray (x2)

– 1 pack of spoolies

– Consent forms

– Kit Carrying case

– Glass Certificate


Once you enroll in our course, we will message you for the class dates you will be put in! (we usually hold classes twice a month at our Boise location)