Did you know your lashes grow just like your hair?

With that being said, did you know you need to wash your lashes and brush them as well? I never knew this until I started getting lash extensions!

Lashes need just as much love as your hair and nails.

Especially when wearing lash extensions. Most lash extension wearers should be washing their lashes once a day. There is a myth out there stating that if you get your lashes wet they will all just fall out! With our medical grade adhesive that we use here at The Lash Fairy Lounge it is our signature line of Crystal Clear Adhesive. This adhesive is medical grade and the bond between the lash and the glue cures within 1-2 seconds. This adhesive is made to hug your natural lash and grow with it until it is ready to shed and grow a new lash to attach to.

Your lashes go through a cycle that lasts about 30 days depending on your age, healthy and your growth rate.

Which means that it is completely natural to lose 1-5 lashes a day. Your lashes will normally fall out with an extension attached to it. If it doesn’t this may be due to a lack of cleaning to remove the dirt and oils, sleeping on your face or salt water and tears. To help increase your retention and to keep your lash follicles clean washing once a day is recommended. If you are still worried about loosing lashes when you clean them, you should be more worried about when you don’t clean them. Dirty lashes trap oils, dead skin cells at the base of your lash line, this could cause serious infections, or sties. If this happens you will not be able to get lashes any longer until your lash line is healthy again! Nobody wants to damage their lashes so please just clean them. Also, if you come in with dirty lashes to your appointment we are going to spend more time cleaning them then filling them and that means we may not be able to get you to be 100% filled. You may also experience a loss of retention because there may still be residue on your natural lashes and it is hard to get a good bond with our glue when there are dirty lashes.


How do you clean your lashes?

Super easy! We recommend using our foaming lash shampoo! This is a very gentle shampoo that helps sanitize and get rid of any bacteria around the lashes. We recommend using a small eye shadow brush, one that isn’t as dense.

You just need one pump of our foaming lash cleanser, wet your lashes with the eye shadow brush, scoop up some lash shampoo and gently glide across the lash line.

You don’t have to pull down or tug on your lashes. You just want to make sure you are getting in-between the hair follicles. Once you are done clean off your brush re-wet it and gently take off the shampoo. You can either bloat your eyelashes with a clean dry towel or you can use a blow drier on low with cold air to dry them. If you have any questions with your retention, how to make sure you wash them correctly feel free to reach out to us!

We would love to educate you and make sure your lash retention is the best it can be!

The Lash Fairies 

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