Which is which & which is the right lash for me?

Finding the right technician to find the best style, shape and size of lashes for you can be tricky! It’s kind of like finding your new best friend. I would suggest looking for a technician who takes continuing education, has good reviews an good quality work.

Classic lashes are a style that help enhance your natural lashes. Your tech will add lashes to your natural lashes, to make them curler and longer! This is more of our “natural” looks. If you have a lot of natural lashes they could look more thicker but this look is great for clients who want something more natural like a mascara look.

Hybrid lashes are a style that is a level up from classic lashes! Hybrid lashes give a little more fluff and drama to the lash line! They can look wispy or dense but will add a little bit more lashes to your lash line then classic lashes. These lashes are made with handmade volume fans crafted perfectly to fit on each of your natural lashes. These are made with a few smaller diameter lashes to create extra fluff and they are mixed in with the classic single lashes.

Volume lashes are made of 100% handmade fans to give a very dense appearance. Will create an illusion of a dark lash line. These are great a more dramatic look. We can create the illusion of the appearance of the eye and style them perfectly for the best look for you!

Mega Volume lashes can look like strip like lashes! They give a very dense thick lash line. These are wonderful for clients who want extra fluff & thickness. Smaller diameter lashes are crafted together to give the thickest look possible. If volumes aren’t enough the MEGA’s are going to be for you!

What lashes do you think best fit you?

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